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About Us

We strive to be always cognizant of the need for an intelligent approach to design--the end result should reflect the purpose and intention of the project and the vision of the client.

This is achieved through a respectful collaboration and participatory design process, always mindful that a coherent and elegant aesthetic is also able to be functional in its beauty.

About Us:
We come by our love of art and design from the beginning, having been fed since birth on a consistent diet of artists, galleries, museums, architects, and design professionals-all of whom influenced and instructed on the importance of an environment that soothes the spirit.

Our careers have included working within multiple aspects of the art & design world, as well as the luxury hospitality business. This partnership lends us the unique perspectives of insiders who fully grasp the importance of finding the balanced blend of aesthetic and functionality.

We have had the privilege and pleasure of working with over 200 clients both nationally and internationally, with the collective experience of over 30 years. We are a full service interior design and art consultation/sales firm; serving both residential and commercial clientele - with an extensive background in luxury hospitality design.


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